About Me

Hello and welcome to my cooking blog: SamarCooks.Com!

I am Samar and this is my happy place. I grew up in Pakistan with a legacy of cooking. After I got married and moved to the Middle East and then Canada I realized that many of the unique recipes, methods and food preparation techniques that have been passed on to me though generations were time consuming. I love to travel and as I met people from different cultures, I also learned about their cuisines and cultural food preparation methods. Over the years I started experimenting with all that I had learned from my family and from my travels to develop my own cooking techniques and recipes. Kitchen is my happy place where I can experiment and tweak traditional ingredients and methods to craft that deliver on taste with minimum effort, using ingredients that are readily available.

As a medical graduate I understand that food allergies and dietary restrictions can limit some people’s food options, so I strive to make my recipes inclusive with alternate ingredients and substitutions. Every one can and should enjoy good food, and this is where I share how you can recreate magic in your own kitchen. Bon Appetite!

  1. Who inspires you in your cooking?

    My mother, hands down. I am amazed that to this day she is open to learning new recipes and trying out new tastes, ingredients and cooking methods. I come from a line of exceptionally good cooks, and many of the techniques that my mother, aunts, and sisters use are tried and tested, passed down generations. I find inspiration from our legacy of creating good food by constantly learning new things and using that in my recipes.

  2. Favorite spice

    Green cardamom. I find it to be such an underrated spice but it goes well in both sweet and savoury recipes, just elevating the taste.

  3. Social or Loner?

    I am a people’s person. I may be at the most picturesque spot but if there are no people around, I will get bored. I need to be around people, making new friends and learning new things.

  4. Life Mantra

    Live every day to the fullest!

  5. Taste or nutrition

    I am a medical graduate and like my food to be nutritious and tasty, but as a cook, good taste has an edge over nutrition.

  6. Favorite season and favorite beverage in the season

    Summers, for sure. I love all types of tropical beverages and have over the years created my own as well. I will be sharing them here soon, so keep reading.

  7. Favorite cooking method

    I find stir frying most convenient and quick

  8. Favorite kitchen appliance

    Instant pot hands down!