Spice Mix for Chat and Curries



  • Cumin seeds 4tbsp
  • Coriander seeds 2tbsp
  • Aniseed  1tbsp
  • Black peppercorn 1tbsp
  • Caraway seeds 1/4 tbsp
  • Ginger powder 1tsp
  • Red button chillies 15 to 20
  • Black salt 1tbsp
  • Citric acid 1tbsp
  • Salt 1tsp or to taste


Take a dry pan on medium heat roast red button chillies until get black in colour, set aside, add cumin seeds in the pan and keep roasting until starts to crackle and changes its colour slightly, remove from heat, pour in rest of the spices and roast for around one minute, mix all the dry roasted spices and grind them in spice grinder until fine then add black salt citric acid and regular salt.Taste the seasoning and adjust according to taste.

Store this spice blend in airtight glass container, can be used in all kinds of chats, curries and marination.


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